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Joe blogs

Adam Tinworth, blogging editor for Reed Business Information (RBI), says going to an interview for a journalist position without a blog is akin to a musician meeting a label’s boss without any demos. Although I haven’t been to any such interviews yet, I can see his point.

With increasingly more people searching  for information online blogging has become a huge part of what people read. In 2007  RBI was making more money online than in print, and that trend is on a continuing rise. Not having a blog could be detrimental to your career. Problem is more and more people are setting up them up so how do you stand out from the masses?

Adam advises you find a niche and be the dominant voice in that field. If you write about something that you’re  passionate and enthusiastic about it will come across well in your blog and you’ll start to get a readership. He also says that you shouldn’t be opinionated.

Instead of offering opinions on a subject Adam suggests you offer conversation and debate to engage with your readers. People don’t necessarily want to listen to your opinions unless you’re very knowledgeable in a subject. That’s why blogs that carry opinion – known as ‘expert blogs’ – are, according to Adam, perfect for, “Pissed old hacks” because they have years of expertise in their respective fields.

I agree with what he says about people not wanting to be talked at. We enjoy conversation that’s why there are so many reader comments on articles online because we love debate, especially if  something is disliked – check the amount of comments on this infamous Daily Mail article.

Writing for blogs is more complicated than I first imagined but if your writing offers debate rather than dictation you’ll be a one step ahead of Joe Blogs.


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